City That Works with  Rhymefest at Martyrs

Big show this Thursday, June 17th at Martyrs.  It's "The City That Works", a joint music-comedy project of The Jordan Years and the amazing comedy-theater group Schadenfraude.  We are appearing in the TBS - Just For Laughs festival, along with such comedy heavyweights as Ellen DeGeneres, Cedric the Entertainer, Denis Leary, Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal (from Flight of the Conchords) and even a Second City reunion from the class of 1979.  None of those performers will be part of our show, but they are appearing around Chicago all weekend as part of the festival.  Check out the schedule.

In order to keep pace with the talent and star power at TBS Just For Laughs festival, we are bringing in great special guests.  We have grammy-awarded hip-hop star Rhymefest, performing a track from his new album (El Che) with The Jordan Years and also doing a comedy bit with us.  We also have legends of Chicago radio, Eddie and Jobo and furniture pitchman Tim Smithe of the famous Walter E. Smithe brothers commercials.  We also have comedians Joe Bill and Brian Babylon joining us for what should be an awesome night of comedy and music.

=====  Show starts at 9pm sharp.  More info over the jump.  =====

There are a ton of posts about the show over on  Head over there to see a whole bunch of rehearsal clips and info about the Schadenfraude comedy team.  Huge spoiler alert warning:  If you want to see the show with fresh eyes/ears, you may want to skip the rehearsal videos.


Check out a new song by Rhymefest: